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Why Study Portuguese?

The Portuguese speaking world is a cultural space spread across three major continents - the Americas, Africa, and Europe. The ability to communicate effectively in the language translates into immediate and direct access to the people, events, and opportunities in countries like Mozambique, Cape Verde Islands, Brazil, and Portugal. Students with degrees in Portuguese are well placed to further their academic careers at the graduate level or occupy key positions in a multitude of professional spheres. Of particular importance is Brazil, situated as a potential world power in the making. Knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese, taught here in the department, opens up opportunities for those interested in foreign language teaching, cultural studies, international trade or business, and international political affairs. Brazilian Portuguese is a vital component of the overall professional preparation for those who are specializing in Latin America.

Knowledge of Portuguese will be in great demand with the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

What can I do with a Portuguese major or minor?

The University of Tennessee offers two kinds of Portuguese majors - Latin American Studies (with a focus on Brazil) and Language and World Business with a Portuguese concentration.

There is also a minor in Portuguese Language. With this preparation, careers in the areas of education, translation and interpreting, international business, journalism, tourism, and diplomacy are guarantees.

Portuguese Major

A Portuguese major is offered through the Language and World Business Progam. Click on the Portugeuse & World Business link for further details.

Portuguese Minor

The Portuguese minor consists of 18 hours in courses numbered 300 or above. Students pursuing a minor must consult with a departmental advisor.

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